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Coordinates: 51°45′32″N 0°50′58″E / 51.758942°N 0.849423°E / 51.758942; 0.849423

May 2009, Woodup Pool

Woodup Pool in Tollesbury, Essex (also known as Woodrolfe Pool) is a salt-water pond or lake used as an open-air swimming pool or lido.[1]


The pool was opened in 1907 by Lady de Crespigny. In 1925 the pool was bought by Tollesbury Parish Council for £250.

In 1934 Alexander Eaton drowned in the pool while on holiday with his fiancée.[2]


This is a free public swimming lake next to Woodrolfe Park flats and Woodrolfe Creek. There are no lifeguards.[3]

The lido is managed by the Woodup Pool Committee, Tollesbury Parish Council.[4]


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