Woodville, Nova Scotia

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Woodville, Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
Woodville, Nova Scotia
Woodville in Nova Scotia
A view of Woodville from the North Mountain

Woodville is a community in Kings County of about 200 people located in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. The community is situated north of Cambridge and Waterville at the foot of the North Mountain. Centred along Route 221, Woodville has a volunteer fire department, a Baptist church, two auto body shops, a home run automotive mechanic business, and many family-run farms. It is adminsistratively part of the village of Cornwallis Square. A community centre is located in the former school, built in 1942. The former Wesley Knox United Church, built in 1921, was sold in 2006[1] is now a residence and artist's workshop.

The former United Church in Woodville, Nova Scotia

Each spring during the Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival, the community comes together to stage a chicken barbecue on Boates' farm the Sunday of the festival, which is known for its chicken recipe that draws visitors from nearby towns.

The community was settled in the early 1800s by New England Planters who were spreading westward from their initial settlements in the Canning area. It was first known as Kinsmans Corner,[2] after the Kinsman family who ran an early store in the centre of the community but it was renamed "Woodville" in 1864 by residents who voted to name it after Samuel Wood, an early settler, who purchased land there in 1807.[3] Samuel Wood's house is one of the oldest houses in Woodville located on the south side of Rte 221 across from the Boates farm.

Woodville became a stop on the Cornwallis Valley Railway branchline of the Dominion Atlantic Railway in 1914 which greatly stimulated apple production. The railway ceased operation to Woodville in 1962 and farmers diversified into other crops but many large orchards remain in operation around Woodville. Major apple growers included Howard Bligh, in the past, and presently the Foote and Boates families.

Margaret Dorothy Atwood (née Killam), the mother of the famous Canadian writer Margaret Atwood, was born in Woodville. Margaret Dorothy's father, Dr. Harold Edwin Killam, served as community doctor for many years.[4]


Coordinates: 45°5′33.2″N 64°39′15.6″W / 45.092556°N 64.654333°W / 45.092556; -64.654333