Woodville High School

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Woodville High School
Woodville High School (Australia) logo.png
Woodville, South Australia
Type Public, Secondary School
Motto Diversity. Creativity. Success.
Established 1915
Principal Ms. Meredith Edwards
Head of Curriculum Mr. Neil Hendry
Number of students approximately 1,000 (from 69 backgrounds)
School colour(s) Navy Blue and white         
Front view of Woodville High School on Actil Avenue.

Woodville High School, is a secondary school in Woodville, a north western suburb of Adelaide, South Australia. It was opened in 1915.

The school provides music, performing and visual arts and sporting programs and has achieved success in these activities, with students winning Gold, Silver and Bronze placings in the Generations in Jazz competition held annually in Mount Gambier. In 2007, the Stage Band's saxophone section was deemed the best of the Generations in Jazz competition, which won them a small cash prize and a trophy which is displayed amongst the many others.[citation needed] The school's Music Center is also known for the variety of curriculum options with possible international outcomes in areas including: performance, sound engineering and composition. However, these curriculum options are largely based on Jazz or modern musical theory.

It is one of four Special Interest Music Centres, with those at Brighton Secondary School and Marryatville High School set up 1976, Woodville High School in 1977 and Playford International College (then "Fremont High School") in 1978 covering four distinct geographical areas of Adelaide.

The school participates in a variety of activities including the Vietnamese Moon Festival, Glendi, Dozynki and Carnevale.

The school has also won the Rock Eisteddfod Challenge, in 2007.

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