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Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp

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Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp
Release poster
Directed byJon Rosenbaum
Screenplay byCory Edwards
Jim Martin
Stephen Mazur
Story byStephen Mazur
Cory Edwards
Based onWoody Woodpecker
by Universal Pictures & Walter Lantz
Produced byJon Kuyper
CinematographyRoss Emery
Edited byJonathan Tappin
Music byMichael Lira
Distributed byNetflix
Release date
  • April 12, 2024 (2024-04-12)
Running time
99 minutes[1]
CountriesUnited States

Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp is a 2024 live-action/animated slapstick comedy film directed by Jon Rosenbaum, based on the cartoon character of the same name and serving as a standalone sequel to the 2017 film Woody Woodpecker and the second installment of the Woody Woodpecker live action film series. It is written by Stephen Mazur and Cory Edwards and produced by Jon Kuyper.[2] The film is produced by Universal 1440 Entertainment in co-production with Universal Animation Studios and distributed by Netflix.[3]

The film was released on April 12, 2024 on Netflix.


After getting kicked out of the forest for tormenting an influencer camper until he can learn teamwork, Woody decides that he can learn about teamwork in the nearby Camp Woo Hoo, but after arriving, an escaped convict named Buzz Buzzard arrives shortly and then poses as the chef of rival camp Camp Hoo Rah, to rob a hidden treasure.

After Woody arrives, he befriends Angie the camp director, and her daughter, Maggie, and causes chaos at the camp, but after Buzz's failed attempts to destroy the camp, and after Woody gets to know the campers, and helps the campers train for an annual camp game event known as the Wilderness Games, he gets framed for causing chaos again after meeting and fighting Buzz. Inspector Wally Walrus arrives and threatens to shut down the camp. Woody convinces the inspector to give the camp one more chance by letting them participate in the Wilderness Games, but Camp Woo Hoo has a history of losing endlessly to Camp Hoo Rah, since they are creative artists and the Hoo Rahs are tough soldiers, thus leaving the campers with low self-esteem. However, after taking a few losses, the Woo Hoos begin to turn their talents into their most effective weapons. As the Games proceed, Buzz observes with dismay and tries to sabotage Woo Hoo's chances of winning.

Before the final challenge, Woody finally discovers Buzz's evil plot to blackmail Zane, the Camp Hoo Rah director and Maggie's uncle, into selling him the two camps, and gets locked in the freezer, but later gets inadvertently freed by the mailman, who delivers all of Buzz's arsenal shopping. As Woody is about to leave, Buzz catches sight of Woody, and they start to fight again. The campers of Camp Woo Hoo discover that their fort was destroyed, but despite having no fortifications, Maggie manages to hatch a plan that eliminates almost all of the Hoo Rahs, leaving only one to defend the flag. Woody is overpowered, but manages to fire a flare gun and rallies both camps back to the main grounds, where Woody exposes Buzz's illegal arsenal purchasing and plans to steal the treasure. Buzz traps Woody and the campers in the kitchen, but they manage to escape. The camps then try to save the chest that Buzz has stolen, but Maggie's belt gets caught and Woody sacrifices his attempt to defeat Buzz and saves Maggie from falling before rendering himself unconscious.

Afterwards, the camps reconcile when they discover their statue had been the treasure all along, and Woody is filled with emotion when he discovers he has a long-forgotten ancestor on the land. The two camps then unite into one camp, with the name Camp Woo Hoo Rah, and even put Woody on their camp flag. Before Woody flies back to the forest with his newfound redemption, he hugs Maggie goodbye, saying he'll be back the following summer.

In a mid-credits scene, after accidentally crash-landing their helicopter upon realizing the chest had nothing but rocks, Buzz and his escaped cellmate find themselves outside a police station, and as Buzz tries to tell his cellmate that the only thing that mattered was that they were free, officers have turned up to re-arrest them for their warrant.


Production and release[edit]

In 2021, Universal Pictures and Universal 1440 Entertainment announced a sequel to the 2017 Woody Woodpecker film. It was shot in Melbourne and across regional areas of Victoria from September to December of that year.[5][6]

The film was released on Netflix on April 12, 2024.[7]


On the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, 17% of 6 critics' reviews are positive, with an average rating of 4.2/10.[8]

Possible sequel[edit]

In an interview with Jon Rosenbaum, he stated that there might be a third film in the franchise.[9]


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