Woody Woodpecker Racing

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Woody Woodpecker Racing
European cover art
Developer(s)Syrox Developments
Producer(s)Derek Poon
Eveline Cureteau
Artist(s)Steven Green
Jonathan Green
David Bland
Composer(s)Matt Furniss
SeriesWoody Woodpecker
The New Woody Woodpecker Show
Platform(s)PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, Game Boy Color
ReleaseGame Boy Color
  • NA: December 2000
  • EU: December 15, 2000
  • JP: March 15, 2001
  • NA: 2000
  • EU: December 22, 2000
  • JP: July 12, 2001
Windows PC
  • EU: December 22, 2000
  • NA: January 31, 2001

Woody Woodpecker Racing also known in Japan as Woody Woodpecker no Go! Go! Racing (ウッディ·ウッドペッカー ノー ゴー!ゴー!レーシング, Uddi·uddopekkā Nō Gō! Gō! Rēshingu) is a video game based on the classic short films by character Woody Woodpecker.[1]


In the game, you race as various characters from the Woody Woodpecker cartoons in 16 different tracks set around the world. The gameplay is similar to Mario Kart .