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Woofer usually refers to a woofer, a large loudspeaker driver. It may also refer to:

  • Bob Davis (Australian rules footballer)
  • Wilderness First Responder, an individual trained in first aid
  • WWOOFer, a WWOOF(Willing Workers on Organic Farms) volunteer
  • "Woof" is gay slang used by guys to describe an attractive rugged manly guy. (i.e. You would say so and so is pretty "woof", or you could just say "woof" to the guy.) It can also mean "I dig you." etc.. It is usually used to, or when describing someone who is masculine but gay. It is the equivalent to how guys used to whistle at a woman in the 70's, but it is normally directed to another man, and the man is generally beefy and rugged. "Woofers" being the active plural form, usually used as a form of appreciation or sexual attraction.