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Woolenook Wood Camp was a World War II internment and prisoner of war camp in the Australian state of South Australia located in Loveday along the River Murray, in the state's Riverland. It was officially part of the Loveday POW Camp complex, and housed Japanese internees and later, Japanese prisoners of war. They were employed as wood cutters for the Allied war effort. It was similar to wood camps throughout South Australia at the time, including two others attached to the Loveday POW camps - Moorook West (Wood Camp) and Katarapko (Wood Camp).[1]

The camp consisted of a tented compound, surrounded by barbed wire. The camp guard was provided by members of the 25/33 Garrison Battalion, a militia unit of the Australian Army. At one stage, the civilian internees were removed from the camp for their own safety, because Japanese POWs considered them spies of the Australians. The camp was officially closed on 6 May 1945 and within a year, all salvageable buildings were sold at auction.

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Coordinates: 34°17′11″S 140°27′15″E / 34.286323°S 140.454135°E / -34.286323; 140.454135