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Worcestershire Wildlife Trust is one of 47 wildlife trusts throughout the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1968 to conserve, protect and restore the county's wildlife.

Corn poppy dominated fallow field at Bewdley, part of the Devil's Spittleful & Rifle Range and Blackstone Farm Fields Nature Reserve

The Trust owns and manages over 70 nature reserves across the county, part of their vision for a Living Landscape for Worcestershire. By working with other landowners, managers and communities the Trust aims to restore, recreate and reconnect fragmented natural habitats to achieve a landscape where wildlife can flourish and people can lead happier and healthier lives.

The Trust has nearly 20,000 members and more than 350 volunteers.

The Trust cares for over 70 nature reserves in Worcestershire totalling about 2000 acres (8 km²). These include:

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust is part of The Wildlife Trusts partnership, the UK's largest charity network dedicated to conserving all our habitats and species. Working towards a UK rich in wildlife, where everyone can appreciate, enjoy and help restore and protect wildlife for the future.

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