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Screenshot of WordGrinder .0.5.1 July 13 2014.png
Original author(s)David Given
Initial releaseOctober 14, 2007; 11 years ago (2007-10-14)
Stable release
0.7.1 / November 2, 2017; 19 months ago (2017-11-02)
Written inC, Lua
Operating systemLinux, Windows, OS X
LicenseMIT License

Wordgrinder is a word processing application for the unix terminal or Windows console.[1][2] Wordgrinder focuses on creating a minimalist word processing environment in order to reduce distractions for the end user. The application's author wrote the program for his own use while working on a novel.[3] Files are saved in a text-based file format that includes options and styles with the document (versions prior to v0.7 used a binary file format instead of plain text).[4]


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