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Word Up! is an American magazine focusing on teen entertainment and music. Its main concentration has centered around African-American teen singers and hip hop artists. At one point, the magazine was published monthly and usually had many posters and contests for fans of famous celebrities. Popular in the 1980s and beyond, the magazine mostly covered rap, Hip hop and R&B music. The headquarters was in Paramus, New Jersey but relocated to New York.

Word Up! is the sister publication to Right On! Magazine and its publisher is Cynthia Horner, CEO, Right On! Media Holdings, LLC. Cynthia Marie Horner is the iconic award-winning editor/journalist (https://rightondigital.com) Most recently, the publication's chief photographer has been Kenneth Harris, aka KENTHEPHOTOGRAPHER, who has covered such celebrities as Beyonce, Bow Wow, Mindless Behavior and many other prominent chart toppers.

The magazine was name-checked by The Notorious B.I.G. in his 1994 hit song "Juicy": "It was all a dream; I used to read Word Up! magazine."[1]


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