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Word of Truth is a Christian ministry devoted to bringing personal spiritual benefits to those who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Officially titled Word of Truth Ministries, this work targets the maturity of Christians by:

  1. strengthening their faith in God
  2. increasing personal peace and confidence
  3. stabilizing a confident hope in the return of Jesus Christ, and the gathering of his people to himself


There are three main branches to this ministry.

The Word of Truth quarterly magazine[edit]

This is a 40-page periodical edited and written by Given O. Blakely. Its aim is to clarify both the nature and content of the Gospel of Christ, showing its relevance to the stability of the Christian believer and a life that brings personal joy and satisfaction. It shows how a life that is synchronised with the purpose of God adequately prepares the individual to stand before God.

The Word of Truth website[edit]

This is a large website[1] with more than 16,000 pages, devoted to strengthening the "body of Christ" - the term Christians use for the worldwide community of Christians. The site contains articles on Christian subjects, commentaries written by Mr Blakely, study helps, and lessons for Christian leaders. Part of this website ministry is a daily email devotional titled Thought for the day, sent free to all who request it.

The Word of Truth ministries[edit]

This is a work involving a nucleus of approximately fifty individuals, who meet together regularly. Meetings emphasize the edification of the body of Christ, and the participation of each of the members. Gatherings are held in a house church in Joplin, Missouri, in the United States.

Integral to this ministry is the free distribution of materials pertaining to Christ Jesus and the Christian life. These include audio tape and MP3 recordings, DVD recordings of sermons, and printed lessons and commentaries.

Word of Truth Ministries also sponsors special annual gatherings that feature sermons, singing, and discussions:

  • Refreshing waters renewal takes place every August, and is a three-day gathering devoted to the development of a theme that clarifies the nature and content of the Gospel.
  • Table in the wilderness takes place every April, and is a weekend gathering. Several sermons are delivered that focus on a particular theme in the Bible.
  • The Preaching festival takes place every November, and features several speakers who develop a special aspect of the apostles' doctrine.


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