Words Upon the Window Pane

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Words Upon the Window Pane
Directed by Mary McGuckian
Produced by Mary McGuckian
Tom Reeve
Werner Possardt
Written by Mary McGuckian
William Butler Yeats
Starring Geraldine Chaplin
Ian Richardson
Jim Sheridan
Music by Niall Byrne
Cinematography Des Whelan
Edited by Kant Pan
Release date
10 June 1994 (US premiere)
Running time
98 minutes
Country Ireland
Language English

Words Upon the Window Pane is a 1994 Irish drama film and the directorial debut of Mary McGuckian. The film is based on William Butler Yeats' one-act play of the same name. Pat O'Connor was billed to direct the project but he personally offered McGuckian, who was writing the screenplay at the time, the opportunity to also direct.[1] The film received its US premiere on 10 June 1994 at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts as part of the largest retrospective of Irish film ever shown outside Ireland.[2] In September that year, the film was screened at the 51st Venice International Film Festival.[3]


In 1928 Dublin, during séances concerning Jonathan Swift, the spirits of his former lovers, Stella and Vanessa, emerge to resume their ancient quarrel.



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