Words and Music (Mark Eitzel album)

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Words and Music
Studio album by Mark Eitzel
Released 1996
Genre Rock
Label Warner Bros.
Producer Andy Zax
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Words and Music

Words and Music is a promotional album by the American Music Club singer/songwriter Mark Eitzel, released in 1997. It contains conversations and music with Peter Buck of R.E.M., and was released before Eitzel's album West.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Buck and Eitzel, except where noted:

  1. "Free of Harm"
  2. "In Your Life"
  3. "Move Myself Ahead"
  4. "Old Photographs"
  5. "Three Inches of Wall"
  6. "Then It Really Happens"
  7. "Lower Eastside Tourist"
  8. "Live Or Die"
  9. "Fresh Screwdriver" (Live Acoustic Version)
  10. "Helium" (Live Acoustic Version)