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Work may refer to:

Human labour[edit]

  • Work (project management), the effort applied to produce a deliverable or accomplish a task
  • Employment, a contract between two parties, one being the employer and the other being the employee
  • Creative work, a manifestation of creative effort, in copyright law
  • House work, management of a home
  • Manual work, physical work done by people
  • Paid work, relationship in which a worker sells labor and an employer buys it
  • Job, a regular activity performed in exchange for payment


  • Work (physics), the work done by, or energy transferred by, a force acting through a distance
    • Work (electrical), the work done by, or energy transferred by, a force from an electric field acting on a charge through a distance
    • Work (thermodynamics), the energy transferred from one system to another by macroscopic forces measurable in the surroundings

Arts and entertainment[edit]

Broadcast call signs[edit]

  • WORK-LP, an American low-power television station licensed to serve Nashua, New Hampshire
  • WORK (FM), former name from 1974 through 2012 of WRFK (FM), an American FM radio station licensed to serve Barre, Vermont
  • WOYK, an American AM radio station licensed to serve York, Pennsylvania known as WORK from 1932 through 1973




  • Good works, the concept of a person's actions or deeds, in contrast to inner qualities, in Christian theology
  • Karma, "work" or "deed" in Sanskrit; the principle of causality where actions influence the future in some Asian religions


  • Milton Work (1864-1934), American authority on bridge and whist

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