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Work is action which serves some meaningful accomplishment —typically it means building something or doing something useful. In science, it has a formal definition (see work (physics)), and in common terms it is equivalent to human employment.

Human Labor/labour[edit]


  • Milton Work (1864–1934), an American authority on bridge and whist

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Broadcast call signs[edit]

  • WORK (FM), former name from 1974 through 2012 of WRFK (FM), an American FM radio station licensed to serve Barre, Vermont
  • WORK-LP, an American low-power television station licensed to serve Nashua, New Hampshire
  • WOYK, an American AM radio station licensed to serve York, Pennsylvania known as WORK from 1932 through 1973



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Other arts, entertainment, and media[edit]


  • Work (electrical), the energy transferred by a force from an electric field acting on a charge through a distance
  • Work (physics), the energy transferred by a force acting through a distance
  • Work (thermodynamics), the energy transferred from one system to another by macroscopic forces measurable in the surroundings


  • Work (Christian theology), the concept of a person's actions or deeds, in contrast to inner qualities
  • Karma, "work" or "deed" in Sanskrit; the principle of causality where actions influence the future in some Asian religions

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