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Workers Compensation Board of British Columbia
Statutory Agency
Industry Regulatory Agency / Workers' Compensation
Founded 1917 [1]
Headquarters Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

The Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia, operating as WorkSafeBC, is a statutory agency that came into existence in 1917, after the provincial legislature put into force legislation passed in 1902.[2]

WorkSafeBC's mandate includes prevention of occupational injury and occupational disease, which WorkSafeBC accomplishes through education, consultation, and enforcement. It carries out workplace inspections and investigates serious incidents such as fatalities. The Workers Compensation Act[3] assigns the authority to make the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation of British Columbia.[4]

WorkSafeBC's authority over occupational health and safety of workers does not extend to:

WorkSafeBC is the exclusive workers' compensation insurer in British Columbia, Canada, covering more than 200,000 registered employers and 2.3 million workers.


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