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WORK Wheels
Industry Motorsport
Founded March 8th, 1977
Headquarters Osaka, Japan
Products Alloy wheels
Revenue ¥JPY 95,000,000 (June, 2014)
Number of employees
160 (June, 2014)

WORK International
Popular model WORK Equip 05
Work Meister S1 3p
Work Emotion CR Kiwami

WORK Co,. Ltd (Work Company Limited, 作業株式会社) is a high-end Japanese wheel manufacturer for both motorsport and street use, mostly notable for manufacturing the "WORK Equip" and "WORK Meister" range of wheels.

WORK Wheels released their first range of wheels in 1977[1] under the name "WORK Equip", which continue to be manufactured today under popular demand. Commonly regarded as the leading manufacturer of Single, Two and Three piece forged wheels for automotive use, WORK Wheels adopt a "on demand system" in order to produce products under direct request of their customers and corporate customers.[2] Current major corporate customers include Dunlop Falken Tyres Ltd, TOYO Tyre & Rubber Co., Ltd, Toyota Modellista International Co, FUJI Corporation, Bridgestone FVS Co., Ltd and Ralliart INC.[1]

WORK Wheels is a long-standing member of both the Japan Light-Alloy Wheel Association (JAWA) and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).[1]


WORK Wheels timeline:[3]

Year Event
1977 President Takeshi Tanaka started WORK Co,. Ltd

Company capital JPY 4,000,000

1979 Established 3 piece wheel assembly plant.

Increased Company capital to JPY 10,000,000.

1980 Built current 4-story head office.

Relocated and expanded factory.

1981 Established paint facility.
1982 Established delivery center next to assembly plant.

Increased company capital to JPY 18,000,000-

1983 Established Racing Sec. factory.

Opened branch in Fukuoka, Japan. Opened branch in Kanagawa, Japan.

1984 Opened branches in Sendai, Japan and Hiroshima, Japan.
1986 Established assembly and delivery factory in Shiki, Japan.
1987 Opened automotive division dedicated to selling imported vehicles.
1988 Established painting line.

Established rim manufacturing factory in Okayama, Japan.

1989 Opened branch in Nagoya, Japan.

Expanded factory in Okayama, Japan.

1990 Opened AMP as the Planning and Development Sec.
1991 Established delivery / storage center in Okayama, Japan.
1992 Established casting factory in Okayama, Japan.

Opened branch in Takamatsu, Japan.

1993 Opened branch in Niigata, Japan.

Opened branch in Omiya, Japan. Opened branch in Sapporo, Japan. Opened branch in Kanazana, Japan.

1998 Established photo studio.
1999 Established prototype trial line.
2000 Increased company capital to JPY 18,950,000-.

Established factory in Sakai, Japan for rim manufacturing, assembly and delivery

2001 Increased company capital to JPY 95,000,000
2002 Increased company capital to JPY 137,025,000
2003 Acquired the certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001

Notable Products[edit]

  • Equip
  • Rezax
  • Workemotion
  • Meister
  • CR2P
  • VSXX
  • VSKF
  • S13P
  • S1R


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