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Work and Travel USA is a privately run company that is a part of an international cultural exchange program, boasting more than 100,000 students per year.[citation needed] Work and Travel USA is partnered with the United States Department of State's Summer Work Travel Program, which provides foreign students with an opportunity to live and work in the United States during their summer vacation from college or university to experience and to be exposed to the people and way of life in the United States.

Program overview[edit]


Candidates do not normally need to have qualification or experience as training will be given at the place of work as necessary. The types of jobs on offer include sales-people, cashiers, hosts and staff in hotels, restaurants or entertainment parks.[1]


Applicants may remain in the United States until the end of their exchange program, as specified on form DS-2019. Once a J-1 visitor's program ends, he or she may remain in the United States for an additional 30 days, often referred to as a "grace period", in order to prepare for departure from the country.

  • The actual J-1 visa certificate does not specifically document this 30-day post-study/exam "grace period", and consequently some airline counter staff have refused to issue a boarding pass to an embarking student. In particular, when the student's return ticket is departing after the J-1 visa has expired. For example: the return date is the next day after the students last exam.
  • If the visitor leaves the United States during these 30 days, the visitor may not re-enter with the J-1 visa.

The minimal and the maximal duration of stay are determined by the specific J-1 category under which an exchange visitor is admitted into the United States.[2]


Agencies are representatives of the student candidates. The agencies are engaged in the search for vacancies with sponsors, will organize the vacancies and prepare the necessary documents for participation. Agencies are also engaged in health and safety issues and are available to help solve any problems which may arise for students during their stay in the USA.

Legal aspects[edit]

Work and Travel USA students are subject to the Summer Work Travel Program requirements. The company charges a nominal fee to cover the costs of SEVIS, a program that tracks J-1 visa students and makes their anonymous distribution data publicly available on the J-1 visa website.[3]

In addition to the government requirements, Work and Travel USA students are required to:

  • Register their information in SEVIS no later than 10 days after arriving in the USA.
  • Update their SEVIS information within 10 days, if they change address during the time in the USA or if they switch jobs.
  • Check-in every 30 days to maintain active status on the program.[4]


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