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Work in Progress is a 25 minute documentary which is part of the British Transport Films Collection. It was made in 1951 and covers various aspects of British Transport as described below.

Tunnel through the Pennines[edit]

First is a piece on a third 3-mile tunnel being excavated under the Pennines at Woodhead, Derbyshire, estimated to take 3 years to complete. Tunnelers are shown being lowered into a 500 feet ventilation shaft, from where they use shovels to dig out blasted rock.

Road Haulage in Scotland[edit]

Second topic is the work of British Road Services in Campbeltown, Scotland.

Marshalling in Cambridgeshire[edit]

The third topic shows the work of the Whitemoor marshalling yard in Cambridgeshire.

Buses in Bristol[edit]

The fourth topic shows the bus system in Bristol, showing how the company deals with a complaint from a customer and also shows factory workers rushing at the end of shift to a fleet of buses, where it is claimed that 6,000 are moved in 20 minutes.

Ferry across the Channel[edit]

The fifth topic shows the ferry from Calais to Dover, and how its radar is used to navigate into Dover Harbour in fog.

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