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Worked All Continents, or WAC, is an amateur radio operating award given to those amateur radio operators who successfully complete two-way amateur radio communications with other amateur radio stations, one of which must be located in each of the six continental areas of the world. For the purposes of the award, the continental areas are: Africa, Asia (including Siberia), Europe, North America, Oceania (including Australia and Hawaii), and South America. The continental location of each station worked is determined by the DX Century Club criteria.[1]

The WAC Award is one of the oldest amateur radio certificates. In 1926 Brandon Wentworth 6OI, was the first to qualify for it, although the actual certificate was not issued until 1930.[2] Today it is relatively easy to earn on the high frequency bands. Under the right conditions during a radio contest, when many stations are on the air, some amateurs may qualify for it in one day of operation.

The award is sponsored by the International Amateur Radio Union. It is available to radio amateurs world-wide who are members of their national societies; thus, applicants from the United States of America must be members of the American Radio Relay League.


The basic WAC award is earned by submission of proof of two-way amateur radio contact using any combination of radio bands or transmission modes. Written proof of the contacts, usually in the form of QSL cards, must be submitted to qualify. Specialty awards are available for working all continents using amateur radio satellites, phone (voice), Morse code telegraphy, radioteletype (RTTY), slow-scan television (SSTV), or fax.


Endorsements require submission of written proof of two-way contacts with each of the six continental areas using the mode or band for which the endorsement is offered. Endorsements can be earned on both the basic and specialty awards. One endorsement is available for QRP operation, where all contacts were made while using five watts or less of transmitter power output. Other endorsements are available for contacts made on any of the 160-meter, 80-meter, 6-meter, 2-meter, 70-centimeter, or 23-centimeter bands.

Five-band WAC[edit]

In addition to the awards described above, a five-band WAC award is available. The award is given to amateur radio operators who successfully complete and confirm two-way contacts with each of the six continents on five amateur radio bands (the 80-meter, 40-meter, 20-meter, 15-meter, and 10-meter bands). There are also further band endorsements available for this award, with 160-meters usually the additional one added.

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