Workerbee Records

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Workerbee Records
Founded2000 (2000)
GenreIndie rock garage rock lo-fi
Country of originU.S.
LocationAmes, Iowa

Workerbee Records is an independent record label that focuses on garage rock based in Ames, Iowa.[1]


Started in 2000, and re-launched in 2009 Workerbee Records is a multi-media[2] (Cassette, CD, Vinyl & Digital) DIY label out of Ames, IA.[3]

Workerbee Records' first official release was 2000's Low Fidelity Living a CD-R compilation that the bands were encouraged to make copies for their friends and family. Since then they have done numerous compilations, including NowHere (Iowa Artists) Don't Try, I Promise to Be No-Good, and PaperCityNoiseMaker (Garage Rock).

In 2010, Workerbee Records put out a monthly series of C20 Cassette singles entitled The Ugly Singles Club. Tapes consisted of garage and psychedelic rock bands from around the world. Including releases from The Wild Zeros, Lil Daggers, The Japanese Lovers, The Vignettes, The Skeptics, His Majesty the King, A Band in Heaven, Weird Wives.

In 2016, Ugly Singles Club was revisited as a series of 2.25" button with weirdo art, within novelty style packaging that contained a download code for a single or an EP by garage rock, punk, and fuzz bands. The first release France's Double Cheese's Freakshow, to be followed up by The Vahnevants.



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