Workers' Initiative

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Workers' Initiative
Logo OZZ IP.png
Full nameWorkers' Initiative
Native nameInicjatywa Pracownicza
AffiliationInternational Confederation of Labor

The Workers' Initiative (Polish: Inicjatywa Pracownicza or IP) is a Polish anarcho-syndycalist trade union. IP was established in the second half of 2001 as an informal anarchists group whose objective was the common struggle for workers' rights. As a formal nationwide anarcho-syndycalist trade union IP began to act in September 2004.

The Workers' Initiative participated in protests against group layoffs at H. Cegielski – Poznań,[1][2][3][4] at Poczta Polska,[5][6] at an Auchan shopping center,[7] and for healthcare.[8][9][10][11] Members also participated in the 2012 neonazi counter-protest in Frankfurt an der Oder.[12]


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