Workers' Cause Party

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Workers' Cause Party
Partido da Causa Operária
President Rui Costa Pimenta
Founded 1995
Membership 2,936[1]
Ideology Communism,
Political position Far-left
International affiliation none
Colours Red
Official website
Coat of arms of Brazil.svg
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Workers' Cause Party (Portuguese: Partido da Causa Operária, PCO) is a political party in Brazil. Its origins can be traced back to 1978. On that year, several Trotskyist militants who were not satisfied with the socialist international[clarification needed] united under the name Tendência Trotskista do Brasil (Brazilian Trotskyist Tendency, TTB). However, it was only established in 1995.


Workers' Cause Party progaganda

In 1980, this organization united itself with the newly formed Worker's Party (PT), becoming very involved in that decade's municipal and state elections, with several mayors and state representatives elected.

In 1990 and 1991, however, several TTB members were expelled from the PT due to their non-commitment to the Party's statutes. After that, the PCO was officially organized and founded in 1995.[2]

Currently, the PCO maintains the same Trotskyist policies of its foundation.

Youth wing[edit]

The youth wing of the party is the Revolutionary Youth Alliance (AJR).

Electoral results[edit]

Presidential elections[edit]

Year Candidate Votes  %
2002 Rui Costa 38,619 0.04%
2006 Rui Costa 0 0%
2010 Rui Costa 12,206 0.01%
2014 Rui Costa 12,324 0.01%


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