Workgroup Server 9150

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Workgroup Server 9150
Release date April 25, 1994
Discontinued May 18, 1996
Operating system 7.1.2-9.1
CPU PowerPC 601 @ 80 or 120 MHz
Memory MB[1] (soldered), expandable to 264 MB[2] (80 ns 30-pin SIMM)

The Apple Workgroup Server 9150 is the only Apple Workgroup Server model not based on a desktop Mac. It featured an 80 MHz (speed bumped to 120 MHz in April 1995) PowerPC 601 board in a Quadra 950 style case.[3] The internal bay of the 950 case was filled with a tape backup drive. Atypically, the floppy drive was moved to the bottom of the case, the only Macintosh that ever used this configuration, and uses a regular Mac DA-15 video connector instead of the unusual internal video connector of the other early Power Macintoshes.[4] The 80MHz version had only the onboard soldered 8MB of RAM, but the 120MHz version had an extra 8MB SIMM for 16MB of RAM total. The system was expandable to 264MB of RAM and could run System 7.1.2 to Mac OS 9.1.


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