Workin' with the Miles Davis Quintet

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Workin' with the Miles Davis Quintet
MilesDavis Workin.jpg
Studio album by Miles Davis
Released December 1959[1]
Recorded May 11 and October 26, 1956
Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey
Genre Jazz
Length 41:59
Label Prestige
PRLP 7166
Producer Bob Weinstock
Miles Davis chronology
Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants
Steamin' with the Miles Davis Quintet
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
All About Jazz favorable[2]
Allmusic 5/5 stars[3]
Down Beat 5/5 stars[4]
The Rolling Stone Album Guide 5/5 stars[5]
The Rolling Stone Jazz Record Guide 4/5 stars[6]

Workin' with the Miles Davis Quintet is an album recorded in 1956 by Miles Davis. Two sessions on May 11, 1956 and October 26 in the same year resulted in four albums—this one, Relaxin' with the Miles Davis Quintet, Steamin' with the Miles Davis Quintet and Cookin' with the Miles Davis Quintet. Track 2 is a composition written for Davis by Eddie Vinson (see Blue Haze for more details). "Trane's Blues" (also known as "Vierd Blues", a tongue-in-cheek reference to Blue Note founder Francis Wolff's heavily accented verdict on it), also credited to Davis, is in fact a John Coltrane composition (originally titled "John Paul Jones", and from an earlier session led by bassist Paul Chambers; before the closing statement of theme, Coltrane and Davis play a bit of Charlie Parker's "The Hymn"). Paul Chambers plays a cello bassline on "Half Nelson".


As his star rose in 1955, Davis formed a new quintet, featuring saxophonist John Coltrane, pianist Red Garland, bassist Paul Chambers, and drummer Philly Joe Jones. In order to fulfill contractual obligations, he recorded lengthy, spontaneous songs with the quintet, which were released over four albums—Workin', Cookin', Relaxin', and Steamin' with the Miles Davis Quintet.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "It Never Entered My Mind" (Richard Rodgers) – 5:26
  2. "Four" (Miles Davis) – 7:15
  3. "In Your Own Sweet Way" (Dave Brubeck) – 5:45
  4. "The Theme" [take 1] (Davis) – 2:01
  5. "Trane's Blues" (a.k.a. "Vierd Blues") (John Coltrane) – 8:35
  6. "Ahmad's Blues" (Ahmad Jamal) – 7:26
  7. "Half Nelson" (Davis) – 4:48
  8. "The Theme" [take 2] (Davis) – 1:03

All tracks recorded on May 11, 1956, except "Half Nelson", recorded on October 26.



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