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The Working Group on Women in Physics was formed by resolution of the Atlanta International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) General Assembly in 1999.[1]

The mandate of the group was:

  • to survey the present situation and report to the Council and the liaison committees and
  • to suggest means to improve the situation for women in physics.

To carry out this charge the Working Group has organized three Conferences (Paris, 2002, Rio de Janeiro, 2005 and Seoul, 2008) gathering teams from more than 60 countries, raising data about the situation of women in physics in different countries and distributing a survey (organized by the American Institute of Physics) about the status of women in physics.

A 4th conference was scheduled for April 2011 in South Africa.

Working Group current members[edit]

  • Barbara Sandow, Germany (chair)
  • Marcia C. B. Barbosa, Brazil (past chair)
  • Anne Borg, Norway
  • Martial Ducloy, France
  • Silvina Ponce-Dawson, Argentina
  • Igle Gledhill, South Africa
  • Erna Karule, Latvia
  • Beverly Hartline, USA
  • Zohra Ben Lakdar, Tunisia
  • Youngah Park, Korea
  • Sumathi Rao, India
  • Setsuko Tajima, Japan
  • Ling-An Wu, China
  • Corinna Kausch, Germany, associate member
  • Judy R. Franz, USA, IUPAP liaison

Former Working Group members[edit]


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