Workmans Wood, Sheepscombe

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Example - Red Helleborine in a woodland setting (Cephalanthera rubra)
Workmans Wood is located in Gloucestershire
Workmans Wood
Workmans Wood
Shown within Gloucestershire

Workmans Wood (grid reference SO900109) is a wood just to the east of the village of Sheepscombe, in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire. It is a biological Site of Special Scientific Interest being part of the Cotswold Commons And Beechwoods SSSI.[1] The Wood is part of a designated National Nature Reserve (NNR).[2]

Significant species[edit]

It is of particular importance as one of only three extant sites in Britain for the Red Helleborine Cephalanthera rubra.[3][4][5]

A small colony of this plant grows in the centre of the wood. Netting is used to protect the plants from disturbance.


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Coordinates: 51°47′48″N 2°08′47″W / 51.79666°N 2.14641°W / 51.79666; -2.14641