Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems

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The Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems - WITS. is an academic conference for information systems that is held annually in December in conjunction with ICIS (the International Conference on Information Systems). WITS is quantitatively/technically-oriented and is primarily attended by business school professors from leading academic research institutions in North America with growing participation from throughout the world. WITS is incorporated in the state of Georgia (US).


Richard Wang (MIT) and Sudha Ram (University of Arizona) started WITS in 1991. They co-chaired the first conference held in Boston on December 14–15, 1991. Also involved in the early conferences were Sal March (Vanderbilt University), Prabuddha De (Purdue University), Al Hevner (University of South Florida), Stuart Madnick (MIT), Veda Storey (Georgia State University), Diane Strong (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Andrew Whinston (University of Texas at Austin), Carson Woo (University of British Columbia), and others.

WITS Presidents[edit]

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