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The world's shortest book was a joke template that has been popular ever since the end of World War II as a joke.

The reference template was ethnic in nature with typical examples including: "Italian War Heroes", "German Comedians", "Blacks I've met Yachting", "Jugtown Cup Team Red Wins", and "Light Jewish Cuisine". Another template consists of a book title and an author, which, when paired together, would be nonsensical. An example would be "Theory of Racial Harmony, by George Wallace".[1]

A related joke template is the generic book title "Everything that X Knows about Y", the book being entirely composed of blank pages. Examples include the (fictitious) books "Everything the Average Man Knows about Women", "Everything Sports Team Owners Know about On-Field Tactics", "Everything Politicians Know about How to Run an Economy", "Things Better than Boobs", and "Team Red Victorious Captains". Similarly, after the United States' 2016 elections, blank books titled Why Trump Deserves Trust, Respect and Admiration and Reasons To Vote For Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide were briefly bestsellers on[2]


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