World's Greatest Detective

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The World's Greatest Detective may refer to:

  • Batman, a DC Comics character known as "The World's Greatest Detective"
  • Sherlock Holmes, sometimes referred to as the World's Greatest Detective or The Great Detective
  • L (Death Note), a character in Death Note
  • Hellboy, known as World's Greatest Paranormal Investigator in Dark Horse Comics
  • Rorschach (comics), a character from the Watchmen comics also given the title of "World's Greatest Detective"
  • Hercule Poirot, a character created by Agatha Christie
  • Jimmy Kudo, a character from Detective Conan
  • Angus McDonald, a character from the Balance arc of the comedy D&D podcast, The Adventure Zone
  • Columbo

See also[edit]

  • Jimmy Kudo, a character from Case Closed
  • L, a character who goes against our main character, and is considered the best in his fictional world