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WorldRadio Cover.JPG
August 2010 Issue
Editor Richard Fisher, KI6SN
Categories Amateur radio
Frequency Monthly
Publisher CQ Communications
First issue July 1971
Final issue November 2008
Country USA
Based in Asheville, North Carolina
Language English

WorldRadio was a monthly amateur radio enthusiast magazine published in Asheville, North Carolina,[1] United States from July, 1971 to November, 2008. The magazine was published in English and drew its subscription base primarily from the United States of America and Canada, although it had subscribers around the world. The staff of the magazine had an amateur radio club that has been assigned the call sign WR6WR. This magazine is unrelated to a magazine called "WORLD-RADIO" published in the United Kingdom prior to WWII.

Sale to CQ Communications, Inc.[edit]

On November 12, 2008, CQ Communications, publishers of CQ Amateur Radio magazine, CQ VHF Magazine, and Popular Communications magazine announced that they had purchased WorldRadio magazine from WorldRadio publisher Armond Noble.[2] All paid subscriptions for WorldRadio were to be turned into CQ Amateur Radio subscriptions, while WorldRadio was to be continued as an on-line magazine. The first online issue, renamed WorldRadio Online, was published in February, 2009.


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