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Industry Telecoms
Founded 2006
Number of locations
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WorldSIM is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that has roaming agreements with mobile networks worldwide in order to provide free incoming calls in almost 100 countries[1]


Founded in 2006, WorldSIM was created to reduce the high costs of using mobile phones while travelling overseas. They developed a unique SIM card that enabled users to select the region they are located in to access free incoming calls while overseas and reduced outgoing call costs. [2]


International SIM Card[edit]

WorldSIM pioneered the international SIM card in 2006 which reduces the cost of using mobile phones overseas by up to 85%. The SIM has been continually developed and has since won a stream of awards for innovation, best product and best service. Developed using multi IMSI technology the SIM incorporates many different locations on to one SIM and comes with a UK and US mobile numbers. This technology gives users wider network coverage so they can be contacted in over 175 countries.

Data Roaming USB[edit]

The introduction of the data roaming USB was made in 2012 which aimed to conquer the expensive costs of getting online while abroad. A WorldSIM international SIM card is housed inside the USB which is in turn plugged into a laptop in order to give the user access to the internet in 130 countries. This product saves users up to 85% on data costs and is an effective solution to staying connected while travelling.

Data SIM Card[edit]

Launched in 2013 the data SIM card is intended for tablets and iPads but can also be used in laptops and mobile phones. Much like the USB the data SIM reduces data roaming costs by as much as 85% and enables users to get online in 130 countries.

Dual SIM Phones[edit]

Dual SIM mobile phones are a further development from WorldSIM; these phones enable users to be contacted on their regular number as well as their WorldSIM numbers. Plus they eliminate the need to carry two phones or keep switching SIM cards.[3]


  • UK Blog Awards - Best UK Organisational Travel Blog 2014[4]
  • Business Travel Show - Gold Award For Innovation 2009[5]
  • Business Travel Show - Best Traveller Services 2009[6]


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