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Founded 1986
Focus Humanitarian
Area served
Developing Countries
Product Education

WorldTeach is a non-governmental organization that provides opportunities for individuals to make a meaningful contribution to international education by living and working as volunteer teachers in developing countries. Founded in 1986 by a group of Harvard University students, WorldTeach places volunteers in communities throughout the world in yearlong and summer programs. Approximately 300 volunteers are placed yearly, with more than 7,000 placed to date. All volunteers for yearlong programs must be enrolled in or have completed four year college programs, with most volunteers being recent graduates.[1]

Most volunteers teach English, and some teach information technology, mathematics, science, accounting, and HIV/AIDS education. Typically WorldTeach partners with Ministries of Education, who identify the needs that WorldTeach volunteers can help them address. WorldTeach also partners with UniversalGiving, an online nonprofit organization to provide opportunities for individuals to teach in countries like Namibia.

Volunteer placements vary widely in the size of the community (300 people to 7 million), age of the students (elementary to adult), and living situation (homestay or apartment). Like the Peace Corps, volunteers may go to a wide range of countries, and WorldTeach volunteers apply to and are accepted to particular country placements. [2]

WorldTeach currently has year-long programs in American Samoa, China, Ecuador,[3] the Marshall Islands, and Namibia.

Costs are shared between the hosting educational organization and WorldTeach volunteers. Some volunteer program fees are totally covered by WorldTeach partners, others range from $2,150 - $3,990. Included are housing placements, visa sponsorship, health and emergency evacuation insurance, 24-hour field staff support, three-four weeks of in-country orientation (including language and teacher training) and a monthly stipend. The stipend is roughly equal to a local teacher's salary. These programs require a four-year college degree.

Summer programs are in Ecuador, Morocco, Namibia, Nepal, and South Africa. Volunteers need not have a college degree, although most are current college students. These programs are not funded by WorldTeach's in-country partners and students usually pay for them through scholarships, out-of-pocket, or obtain college credit.[4]


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