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The World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology or WASET is a predatory publisher[1] of a number of open access journals on a wide variety of scientific and technical subjects. It claims to organize several thousands of scientific conferences a year, using names that are the same or similar to real conferences organized by established scientific groups, with planning 12 years in advance. Hundreds of conferences may be scheduled for the same location and same day (i.e. 313 conferences in a hotel in Berlin on the 12–13 September 2016). The conferences are low-quality and anyone can present a paper by simply paying the registration fee.[2]

The academy has been listed as a "potential, possible, or probable" predatory publisher[3] by Jeffrey Beall, and also of arranges predatory conferences.[4] Indeed, one of their journals accepted an obviously fake article in a sting operation.[5]

WASET is based in Turkey and its domain name is registered in Azerbaijan.[6] It is run by Cemal Ardil, a former science teacher, with assistance from his daughter Ebru and his son Bora. Cemal Ardil is also the person who has published the most articles on the WASET website.[7]


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