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World Acumen Incorporated is a Canada-based management consulting firm based in Calgary, Alberta. It was founded on January 14, 2009, under the Alberta Business Corporations Act. Primary areas of specialization include Management Development, Integrated Marketing, and Strategic Planning. The organization focuses on following the success of industry leaders to coach clients into realizing their own potential.


The business focus has evolved following demands of prevailing market conditions:

  • 2009 efforts were focused largely assisting organizations in the design, implementation, and management of the Seagull Software (Rocket Software) LegaSuite (JWalk, GUI/400) iSeries GUI interface.
  • 2010 – Design, implementation, and management of content management systems.
  • 2011 – New venture consulting, product design, branding.
  • 2012 – CAD/CAM, CNC technology development, CNC control systems, phase conversion


The company has been involved with a number of philanthropic efforts in Central America (Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala). In 2010, an extended effort in Guatemala resulted in an alliance with Solomons Porch and creation of the book Setenta Dias Diferentes.


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