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The World Affairs Council of Washington, DC, founded in 1980, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization in Washington, DC. The group's efforts are aimed at informing and educating the public about contemporary international affairs. Its corporate sponsors include Aramco Service Company, AIG, Raytheon, and ExxonMobil,[1] and it relies primarily on dues from individual and corporate members.[2]

Programs and events[edit]

Ahmed Rashid at a WACDC Foreign Affairs Series event.

The World Affairs Council organizes a number of events in the D.C. area geared toward providing educational opportunities focused on international affairs. These events include public programs featuring journalists, public officials, and foreign policy experts, seminars for educators, and outreach programs for students. Worldquest is an academic competition with programs geared toward high school students and young professionals in which teams answer questions pertaining to foreign affairs, geography, foreign culture, international organizations, and recent history.

Notable speakers[edit]

Notable speakers at WACDC events have included:

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