World Apart

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"World Apart"
World Apart.jpg
Single by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
from the album Fanclub
Released February 15, 2006
Format CD single
Studio Crescent Studio
Folio Sound
Landmark Studio
Genre Alternative rock, Power pop
Length 4:29
Label Ki/oon Records
Songwriter(s) Masafumi Gotoh
Producer(s) Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Asian Kung-Fu Generation singles chronology
"Blue Train"
"World Apart"
"Aru Machi no Gunjō"
"Blue Train"
"World Apart"
"Aru Machi no Gunjō"

"World Apart" (ワールドアパート, Wārudo Apāto) is a song by Japanese rock band Asian Kung-Fu Generation. It was released as the second single of their third studio album, Fanclub, on February 15, 2006.[1] The song is unique for a number of reasons. Not only was it the first single AKG released following their ten-year anniversary, it also became their very first number-one single, debuting at the top of the Oricon charts. The song's b-side, "Uso to Wonderland," was also the first recording in which Kensuke Kita held the position of lead singer.

Music video[edit]

The music video for "World Apart" was directed by Nobuyuki Matsukawa, with planning by Atsushi Masachika and Satoshi Iwashita.[2]

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Masafumi Gotoh.

No. Title Music Length
1. "World Apart" (ワールドアパート Wārudo Apāto) Masafumi Gotoh 4:29
2. "Eien ni" (永遠に Eternally') Masafumi Gotoh 3:12
3. "Uso to Wonderland" (嘘とワンダーランド Lies and Wonderland) Kensuke Kita 2:28
Total length: 10:09



Year Chart Peak
2006 Oricon 1

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