World Artistic Gymnastics Championships – Women's floor

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World Artistic
Gymnastics Championships
Team all-around men women
Individual all-around men women
Vault men women
Floor men women
Pommel horse men
Rings men
Parallel bars men
Horizontal bar men
Uneven bars women
Balance beam women

Women's events at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships were first held at the 1934 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, the 10th edition of the Championships. Only the All-Around and Team events were held. At the 1938 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, the 11th edition of the Championships, the other apparatus events were added.

The women's floor exercise competition has been held in every year since its inception.

Three medals are awarded: gold for first place, silver for second place, and bronze for third place. Tie breakers have not been used in every year. In the event of a tie between two gymnasts, both names are listed, and the following position (second for a tie for first, third for a tie for second) is left empty because a medal was not awarded for that position. If three gymnastics tied for a position, the following two positions are left empty.


Bold numbers in brackets denotes record number of victories.

Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1938 Czechoslovakia Prague * Czechoslovakia Matylda Pálfyová * unknown unknown
1950 Switzerland Basel Poland Helena Rakoczy Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Tereza Kočiš Poland Stefania Reindl
1954 Italy Rome Soviet Union Tamara Manina Czechoslovakia Eva Bosáková Soviet Union Maria Gorokhovskaya
1958 Soviet Union Moscow Czechoslovakia Eva Bosáková Soviet Union Larisa Latynina Japan Keiko Tanaka
1962 Czechoslovakia Prague Soviet Union Larisa Latynina Soviet Union Irina Pervushina Czechoslovakia Věra Čáslavská
1966 West Germany Dortmund Soviet Union Natalia Kuchinskaya Czechoslovakia Věra Čáslavská Soviet Union Zinaida Druzhinina
1970 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Ljubljana Soviet Union Ludmilla Tourischeva Soviet Union Olga Karasyova Soviet Union Zinaida Voronina
1974 Bulgaria Varna Soviet Union Ludmilla Tourischeva Soviet Union Olga Korbut Soviet Union Elvira Saadi
Soviet Union Rusudan Sikharulidze
1978 France Strasbourg Soviet Union Nellie Kim
Soviet Union Elena Mukhina
- Romania Emilia Eberle
United States Kathy Johnson
1979 United States Fort Worth Romania Emilia Eberle Soviet Union Nellie Kim Romania Melita Ruhn
1981 Soviet Union Moscow Soviet Union Natalia Ilienko Soviet Union Yelena Davydova Bulgaria Zoja Grantcharova
1983 Hungary Budapest Romania Ecaterina Szabó Soviet Union Olga Mostepanova Bulgaria Boriana Stoyanova
1985 Canada Montreal Soviet Union Oksana Omelianchik Soviet Union Yelena Shushunova East Germany Ulrike Klotz
1987 Netherlands Rotterdam Soviet Union Yelena Shushunova
Romania Daniela Silivaș
- Romania Aurelia Dobre
1989 West Germany Stuttgart Soviet Union Svetlana Boginskaya
Romania Daniela Silivaș
- Romania Cristina Bontaș
1991 United States Indianapolis Romania Cristina Bontaș
Soviet Union Oksana Chusovitina
- United States Kim Zmeskal
1992 France Paris United States Kim Zmeskal Hungary Henrietta Ónodi Commonwealth of Independent States Tatiana Lysenko
Romania Maria Neculiță
1993 United Kingdom Birmingham United States Shannon Miller Romania Gina Gogean Russia Natalia Bobrova
1994 Australia Brisbane Russia Dina Kochetkova Romania Lavinia Miloșovici Romania Gina Gogean
1995 Japan Sabae Romania Gina Gogean China Ji Liya France Ludivine Furnon
1996 Puerto Rico San Juan Romania Gina Gogean
China Kui Yuanyuan
- Romania Lavinia Miloșovici
Ukraine Liubov Sheremeta
1997 Switzerland Lausanne Romania Gina Gogean (3) Russia Svetlana Khorkina Russia Yelena Produnova
1999 China Tianjin Romania Andreea Răducan Romania Simona Amânar Russia Svetlana Khorkina
2001 Belgium Ghent Romania Andreea Răducan Brazil Daniele Hypólito Russia Svetlana Khorkina
2002 Hungary Debrecen Spain Elena Gómez Netherlands Verona van de Leur United States Samantha Sheehan
2003 United States Anaheim Brazil Daiane dos Santos Romania Cătălina Ponor Spain Elena Gómez
2005 Australia Melbourne United States Alicia Sacramone United States Nastia Liukin Netherlands Suzanne Harmes
2006 Denmark Aarhus China Cheng Fei United States Jana Bieger Italy Vanessa Ferrari
2007 Germany Stuttgart United States Shawn Johnson United States Alicia Sacramone France Cassy Vericel
2009 United Kingdom London United Kingdom Beth Tweddle Australia Lauren Mitchell China Sui Lu
2010 Netherlands Rotterdam Australia Lauren Mitchell Romania Diana Chelaru
Russia Aliya Mustafina
2011 Japan Tokyo Russia Ksenia Afanasyeva China Sui Lu United States Aly Raisman
2013 Belgium Antwerp United States Simone Biles Italy Vanessa Ferrari Romania Larisa Iordache
2014 China Nanning United States Simone Biles Romania Larisa Iordache Russia Aliya Mustafina
2015 United Kingdom Glasgow United States Simone Biles (3) Russia Ksenia Afanasyeva United States Maggie Nichols
2017 Canada Montreal Japan Mai Murakami United States Jade Carey United Kingdom Claudia Fragapane
2018 Qatar Doha
2019 Germany Stuttgart

* There is conflicting and incomplete information about medal winners in the individual apparatus events at the 1938 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships as non-primary sources gives different information about it.

All-time medal count[edit]

Last updated after the 2017 World Championships.

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Soviet Union 12 8 5 25
2  Romania 10 6 8 24
3  United States 7 4 5 16
4  Russia 2 3 5 10
5  China 2 2 1 5
 Czechoslovakia 2 2 1 5
7  Australia 1 1 0 2
 Brazil 1 1 0 2
9  Great Britain 1 0 1 2
 Japan 1 0 1 2
 Poland 1 0 1 2
 Spain 1 0 1 2
13  Italy 0 1 1 2
 Netherlands 0 1 1 2
15  Hungary 0 1 0 1
 Yugoslavia 0 1 0 1
17  Bulgaria 0 0 2 2
 France 0 0 2 2
19  CIS(1) 0 0 1 1
 East Germany 0 0 1 1
 Ukraine 0 0 1 1
Total 41 31 38 110
(1) Official documents from the International Gymnastics Federation credit medals earned by athletes from former Soviet Union at the 1992 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Paris, France as medals for CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).