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The World Association for Medical Law (WAML) was formally established in 1970. It is a not-for profit organization, and according to its statutes, its purpose is to encourage the study and discussion of problems concerning health law, legal medicine and ethics, and their possible solution in ways that are beneficial to humanity and advancement of human rights. The aim of the WAML is to promote the study of the consequences in jurisprudence, legislation and ethics of developments in medicine, health care and related sciences. Members of WAML are both individuals holding an academic degree and interested in the field and both local organizations and institutes dealing with medical law and health law from different countries in the world.

Medical Law[edit]

Medical Law concerns the rights and duties of the medical profession and is thus directly linked to the field of medical ethics. [1] Some consider medical law a scientific discipline closely related to the advancement of health related technology over the last 50 years.[citation needed] Others link this field mainly to malpractice claims.[citation needed] This growing field of academic research is also of very practical nature, as it pertains to real every-day situations in the hospital, in a clinical trial, and in many other health related settings. The development of the field of medical law led to the establishment of Courses on medical law in various law schools, dentistry schools, medical schools, nursing schools etc.[citation needed] Also, some universities now offer LLM and even JSD or PhD specializing in health law. At same time, many countries have local organizations and associations of medical law.


The Board of Governors (BoG) is a body of representatives from various countries. Each member of the BoG represents a different country and is elected at the General Assembly held during each World Congress.

The Council of Presidents (CoP) brings together leaders of national, regional and international organizations to exchange ideas and discuss issues that may prevail in a particular part of the world and for which others may be able to offer solution.

The Executive Committee (EC) is leading the association with the President, Vice president, Secretary General and Treasurer

World Congresses[edit]

Since its creation the WAML held 19 World Congresses for Medical Law, in various countries in the world [3]. Future World congresses will be held in 2014 in Bali, Indonesia; and in 2016 in Los Angeles, USA. According to the statutes of the Association, A governor representing a certain country in the Board of Governors of the Association can submit a detailed proposal to host the World Congress in his country (it must be submitted at least four years before the World Congress actually takes place).

International Journal of Medicine and Law[edit]

The journal (in-chief editor:Dr. Mohammed Saif-Alden Wattad) is being published for its 30th year now. So far about 2,000 articles, written by hundreds of experts from more than 100 countries around the world have been published in it. The journal has been pronounced by the Kennedy Institute of Ethics as a "priority journal".[5]

WAML Radio - An online educational initiative[edit]

As part of an educational mission, the Association produces a radio program (Scientific advisor: Prof. Thomas Noguchi. Editor and Broadcaster: Dr. Oren Asman) with an international perspective pertaining to Medical Law, Legal Medicine and Bioethics. Interviews are held during major international congresses of WAML, or its collaborative organizations, covering a wide range of topics. The interviewees are from different states and countries, to provide with an international perspective. [6] The program is available online, aiming to engage not only professionals of law and medicine but also the wider public in the ethical and legal deliberation regarding health, law and ethics.