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The World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP) was launched at the initiative of Jacques-Alain Miller in Buenos Aires on 3 January 1992. It was declared in Paris, four days later, on 7 January.[1] Its statutes[2] are modelled on Jacques Lacan's "Founding Act"[3] and adopt the principles outlined in his "Proposition" on the Pass.[4]


The World Association of Psychoanalysis groups together the École de la Cause freudienne (France); the Escuela de la Orientación Lacaniana (Argentina); the Escuela Lacaniana de Psicoanálisis del Campo Freudiano (Spain); the Scuola lacaniana di psicoanalisi (Italy); the European Federation of the Schools of the WAP; the Escola Brasileira de Psicanálise (Brazil); the Nueva Escuela Lacaniana (Latin America); and the New Lacanian School.


With over 2,000 members worldwide, the WAP stands as the largest institutional structure dedicated to the training of psychoanalysts in the Lacanian orientation.


International congresses[edit]

In 1994 and 1996, the members of the WAP met in "assemblies". Since 1998, the international meetings have taken the form of congresses.

Number Year City President Theme
1 1998 Barcelona Jacques-Alain Miller
2 2000 Buenos Aires Jacques-Alain Miller
3 2002 Brussels Jacques-Alain Miller "Training-Effects in Psychoanalysis: their Site, Causes, and Paradoxes"
4 2004 Comandatuba Graciela Brodsky "The Lacanian Practice of Psychoanalysis: without Standards but not without Principles"
5 2006 Rome Graciela Brodsky "The Name-of-the-Father; Going without it, Making Use of it"
6 2008 Buenos Aires Éric Laurent "The Objects a in the Psychoanalytic Experience"
7 2010 Paris Éric Laurent "Semblants and Sinthome"
8 2012 Buenos Aires Leonardo Gorostiza "The Symbolic Order in the Twenty-First Century: What are the Consequences for the Direction of the Treatment?"
9 2014 Paris Leonardo Gorostiza "A Real for the Twenty-First Century"

Preparatory texts for the congresses are published in Scilicet.


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