World Bank Development Marketplace Award

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The Development Marketplace (DM) Award is a competitive grant program administered by the World Bank. Since 1998, the DM has awarded more than $46 million to some 1,000 early-stage, innovative projects worldwide.

Projects are selected based on:

  • Innovation
  • Potential for Growth
  • Visible benefits
  • Realism
  • Sustainability

Development Marketplace Award winners[edit]

  • 2000: Roundabout PlayPump.
  • 2003: "HotPot" solar oven by Solar Household Energy, Inc. (SHE) and Fondo Mexicano para la Conservacion de la Naturaleza (FMCN).
  • 2003: Kanchan Arsenic Filter Project for Rural Nepal. See also Amy B. Smith.
  • 2004: Scojo Foundation for Reading Glasses for the Poor in India.
  • 2005: Solar Tuki
  • 2007: Small portable "Weza" electric generator for rural Rwanda.
  • 2008: UV Bucket for killing bacteria in water in rural Mexico, by Florence Cassassuce.

Full Listings[edit]