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World Beach Wrestling Championships is the annual world championship organized by United World Wrestling for the sport of beach wrestling.[1] The first World Championships took place in 2006, alongside the resurrected FILA Sambo World Championships, in Antalya, Turkey.[2] Only the Senior division was featured until 2010, and each age division has separate men and women divisions. There were initially only two weight classes for each of the gender divisions within the Senior division, lightweight and heavyweight.[3] The number of weight classes expanded beginning in 2011, with the Senior men's division featuring four weight classes (70 kg, 80 kg, 90 kg, and heavyweight) and the Senior women's division featuring three weight classes (60 kg, 70 kg, and heavyweight).

Although not officially recognized by UWW as a World Championship, many nations recognize the beach wrestling competition of the World Wrestling Games to be the World Beach Wrestling Championship in 2007 (hosted in Antalya, Turkey) and 2008 (hosted in Durres, Albania).[4] The same recognition is generally not given to the 2009 World Wrestling Games (hosted in Siauliai, Lithuania) as the Beach Wrestling World Championships made its officially sanctioned return. The World Wrestling Games also featured championships in Grappling and Sambo, with the three styles being collectively known as the "developing styles" at the time.


Year Dates City and host country Competitions
Seniors Juniors Cadets
2006 November 2 Turkey Antalya, Turkey +
2009 July 28 Bulgaria Obzor, Bulgaria +
2010 July 26–28 Montenegro Budva, Montenegro + + +
2011 July 16–18 Georgia (country) Batumi, Georgia + + +
2012 August 27 Azerbaijan Baku, Azerbaijan +
September 10 Thailand Pattaya, Thailand + +
October 24 Hungary Budaoers, Hungary +
2013 May 31 Morocco El-Jadida, Morocco + +
2014 July 4–6 Greece Katerini, Greece + + +
2015 June 13–15 Romania Mangalia, Romania + + +
2016 June 3-5 Croatia Fažana, Croatia + + +
Total 10 6 7

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