World Blanket

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World Blanket
Origin Philadelphia, PA, USA
Genres Indie rock, Rock
Years active 2005 — present
Labels No Applause Records
Members Mike Pomranz
Ethan Fixell
Juan Pablo Pastor
Vladan Mijatovic
Claudia Chopek
Jonathan Flax
Katherine Fong
Dean Moore
Grant Whittaker
Jon Dunn
Mark Henasey
Ami Verrill
Andrew Moisey
Brian Finucane
Claire Darling
Darren Morze
J.C. Whittaker
Josh Solomon
Paul Perozzi

World Blanket is an indie rock band that formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in late 2005. The band made their live debut on February 12, 2006 at The Khyber in Philadelphia, PA.[1] Throughout the band's history, the only consistent member has been frontman and songwriter Mike Pomranz.

World Blanket are best known for their prominent use of violin and acoustic guitar despite maintaining a "big-riff rock"[2] sound.

In 2008 the band relocated to Brooklyn, NY.



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