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The World Boardgaming Championships is a convention held yearly since 1999 by the Boardgame Players Association. It was previously held in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but it moved to the Seven Springs Mountain Resort in 2016.[1] It is next scheduled for July 22–30, 2017, at Seven Springs Mountain Resort near Pittsburgh, PA.[2] This convention replaced Avaloncon, which had been run from 1991 to 1998 by Avalon Hill.[3]

Each year, the convention pulls approximately 2,000 people from around the world to compete to be named champion of their favorite games. By vote, BPA members select the 100 or so games (the “Century Group”) in which competitions are scheduled. It is not necessary to be invited or to be an expert player to compete in tournaments. Many events include scheduled demonstrations that explain the rules.

The annual Charles S. Roberts Award for historical board games, originally presented at the Origins Game Fair, is typically presented at the World Boardgaming Championships.


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