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The World Chicken Festival is an annual event held in downtown London, Kentucky, in Laurel County, on the last weekend in September. The festival celebrates the life of Colonel Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Laurel County is the home to the original KFC restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky, founded in the 1940s.

Chicken Festival
Dates Last full weekend in September
Location(s) London, Kentucky
Years active 1989-present


The Chicken Festival began in 1989 to celebrate the life of Colonel Sanders. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]


Several food booths line down main street. The Chicken Festival is also home to the world's largest skillet, which measures 10 feet, 6 inches in diameter; 8 inches deep; 8 foot handle; and weighs 700 pounds total. The skillet cooks over 7000 pieces of chicken by the end of the weekend which requires 300 gallons of cooking oil.[7] Vendor booths also line main street selling a wide variety of different goods to the public.

There are several stages located throughout the festival that provide entertainment for all ages. The Stage of stars is located on Broad street which plays host to the festivals most popular musical performers.[8] Sander's Court Stage is located between London Elementary School and 9th street. This stage plays host to musical performances, as well as contests such as an annual clucking contest.[9] Kiddie World Stage is located at the intersection of North Broad Street/West 7th Street. This stage provides entertainment such as magic or puppet show for younger children's entertainment.[10]

Carnival style rides line down Broad Street and they provide entertainment for the whole family. The festival features a wide variety of rides. From a safe and secure Kiddy Land to the high rolling rides for teens and adults. The festival provides entertainment for every level of thrill seeker. [11]

The Annual chicken festival parade is held on Saturday at 1:00.[12]

There are several different contests that take place during the festival as well. Throughout the weekend a 5k is run, there are the "Chick-O-Lympics" for children. There are also corn hole tournaments, a volleyball tournament, a hot wing eating contest, karaoke contests, rooster crowing, chicken clucking, and strutting competition, and an egg drop contest.[13] The biggest of the contests however are the London Kentucky Olympics, including things such as toilet lid horseshoes and belching contests.[14]


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