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World Climate Report, a newsletter edited by Patrick Michaels, was produced by the Greening Earth Society, a non-profit organization created by the Western Fuels Association.

Early editions were paper based; it was then transferred to a web-only format, having ceased publication as a physically based report with Volume 8 in 2002. It continues to exist in blog form at, although the website itself has not been updated since late 2012.

World Climate Report presents a scientific skeptical view of populist anthropogenic-driven mass global climate change, or as it describes, 'Global Warming Alarmism'. However, it does not reject the concepts of global climate change or greenhouse theory (or other well-established and widely accepted scientific theories or empirical studies),[1][2] in general attempting to engender itself as giving a well balanced and scientific view of the sources (though often at a contrary expense of its perceived adversaries: the aforementioned alleged 'Global Warming Alarmists').[3]

WCR says of itself:

World Climate Report, a concise, hard-hitting and scientifically correct response to the global change reports which gain attention in the literature and popular press. As the nation's leading publication in this realm, World Climate Report is exhaustively researched, impeccably referenced, and always timely. This popular biweekly newsletter points out the weaknesses and outright fallacies in the science that is being touted as "proof" of disastrous warming. It's the perfect antidote against those who argue for proposed changes to the Rio Climate Treaty, such as the Kyoto Protocol, which are aimed at limiting carbon emissions from the United States ... World Climate Report has become the definitive and unimpeachable source for what nature now calls the “mainstream skeptic” point of view. [1].

In addition to Patrick Michaels (chief editor), the staff is listed as Robert C. Balling, Jr (contributing editor), Robert Davis (contributing editor), and Paul Knappenberger (Administrator).

New Hope Environmental Services, an advocacy science consulting firm, claims WCR as its biweekly newsletter.


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