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World Confederation of Businesses
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The World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) was founded on September 9, 2004, in the city of Houston, Texas, in the United States of America, under the name of MPBM, Co. Authorization was requested for the use of the name World Confederation of Businesses as the DBA (trade name) of MPBM Co. WORLDCOB has a governing body consisting of the chairman, vice chairman, and the board of directors, made up of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals of different nationalities, all with experience in the field of business consultancy and advisory. The main offices were set up in Houston Founded by organization president Jesus Moran.[1]

Bizz Awards[edit]

Award winners at the 2011 Bizz Awards

WORLDCOB is the awarding body of the Bizz Awards,[2] founded in 2005. The Bizz Awards dinner was hosted in Houston in 2005, New York City in 2006, Punta Cana in 2007, Panama City in 2008, Cuzco, Peru in 2009,[3][4] Houston again in 2010, Rome in 2011,[5] and in the Bahamas in 2012.[6] Recently the dinners have taken place in two different cities each year, one for the Europe, Asia, and Middle Eastern region, and one for the Western hemisphere. The dinner is also accompanied by a business fair, where organization members present their businesses.[7] The fair is called the ExpoBizz business forum.[8][9]


Since 2011 the organization has also been the certifying body for the WORLDCOB certification in corporate social responsibility WORLDCOB-CSR.[10] The certification lasts for a single year, and is determined after an audit of corporate documents by the organization.[11] The organization states that it has over 3000 members in over 100 countries.[10] The organization also launched a business-to-business online platform in 2009, where members contact each other and conduct various business transactions.[12][13][14] The congress also holds the CSR Workshop Tour.[15]


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