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The World Constitution and Parliament Association was established in 1958 by Professor Philip Isely and his wife Margaret Isely of Denver, Colorado, USA, to create a Constitution for a Federation of Earth and to promote democratic world government under that Constitution.

It was soon joined by Dr. Terence Amerasinghe and Dr. Reinhart Ruge, who became Co-Presidents. The organization has grown into a worldwide movement since that time,[citation needed] with chapters today in many countries[examples needed] involving many thousands of citizens around the world.

In addition, thousands more[citation needed] have registered as delegates for Provisional World Parliaments organized by WCPA and have declared themselves as personal ratifiers of the Earth Constitution.


The Association's proposals have carefully eliminated all the uncertainties introduced by global democracy, by pre-ordaining its outcomes. Without consultation or election, it has drawn up a 'Constitution for the Federation of Earth'... In short, world democracy has been planned so conscientiously that nothing nothing has been left to chance, least of all that frightening and uncontrollable phenomenon called choice.


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