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The World Darts Challenge was a darts competition organised by the Professional Darts Corporation held in 2007 in America at the Mohegan Sun.

The tournament was scheduled for the top two ranked PDC players and top two American dart players to play with either Phil Taylor or Raymond Van Barneveld in a doubles championship.


The two teams were:

Each match was played best of 5 legs with all five legs being played. Each leg earned your team a point and it was a race to 13 points. Singles Phil Taylor 4-1 John Kuczynski

Ray Carver 1-4 Raymond Van Barneveld

Ray Carver 2-3 John Kuczynski

Phil Taylor 1-4 Raymond Van Barneveld

The final match was each team playing with each other as a doubles match:

Phil Taylor & Ray Carver 3-2 Raymond Van Barneveld & John Kuczynski

Final Score: Phil Taylor & Ray Carver 11-14 Raymond Van Barneveld & John Kuczynski

Even though the Raymond Van Barneveld/John Kuczynski had reached 13 points before the match was over the final legs were played.