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The World Eightball Pool Federation is an international pool (pocket billiards) governing body overseeing international (principally Commonwealth) tournaments and rankings in a game variant, using unnumbered yellow and red balls, called "eight-ball pool" or "eightball pool" (sometimes simply called "eight-ball" or "eightball", which is ambiguous, as those terms generally refer to the numbered-ball, world-standardized game, often called American-style pool). WEPF competes for authority and membership with the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA), which produces its own tournaments and slightly different rules under the game name blackball.

Established in 1992 by founding member countries Australia, England and New Zealand.

The 2010 men's champion is England's Mick Hill who beat fellow countryman and three times champion Gareth Potts 11-8 in the Final. In the 2010 ladies event, Sue Thompson of Scotland defeated Northern Ireland's Emma Cunningham 8-4. The tournaments were held at the Imperial Hotel in Blackpool, UK in 2010.[1]

Member Countries[edit]

 Australia - Australian Eight Ball Federation
 England - English Pool Association
 France and Reunion Island
 New Zealand - Clubs New Zealand 8Ball
 Northern Ireland
 South Africa

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