World Erotic Art Museum

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Coordinates: 25°47′00″N 80°07′56″W / 25.783295°N 80.132102°W / 25.783295; -80.132102

World Erotic Art Museum
World Erotic Art Museum entrance.jpg
Location1205 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, Florida, United States
DirectorHelmut Schuster
OwnerWilzig Family

The World Erotic Art Museum, located in the heart of the Miami Beach, Florida Art Deco District, is a museum, library, and education think tank that uses its collection to illustrate the history of erotic art. It contains the collection of Naomi Wilzig.


The collection includes sculptures, drawings, paintings, and photographs. The collection ranges from folk art to the work of famous artists. The Museum shows artwork from artists like Rembrandt, Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Fernando Botero as well as Robert Maplethorpe, Helmut Newton and Bunny Yeager to name just a few out of more than 4000. In April 2008, the Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama and his representative Artspace Company Y, LLC, collaborated with WEAM's people to establish the first public solo art show at WEAM, which added Sorayama art to their pre-existing permanent collections.[1]


In 2011 WEAM premiered the first US exhibition of rare erotic Rembrandt etchings. In 2012 the curator Helmut Schuster arranged the first solo show of Helmut Newton in Florida in Cooperation with the MDM in Salzburg.



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